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2015 New Milford Education Foundation Scholarship Award
Senior Belqis Nassiry, is a consistent Honor Role student with Honors & AP classes throughout her time at NMHS. She also works part time and volunteers at The Valley Hospital. In her essay, 'My Journey', she cites Princess Diana as an inspiration and motivating reason for her to begin her charitable and volunteer work. She enjoys volunteering and hopes that through her efforts she is able to raise awareness about the importance of "giving back" and "making a difference". The New Milford Education Foundation is extremely delighted to present Belqis with this award.
Belqis Nassiry
2015 New Milford Education Foundation Scholarship Award
Karishma Khan, 2015 Senior, is a regular name on the Honor Role and has a broad range of AP and Honors classes noted on her application. She has remained very active with work and volunteering through NM Rec and other organizations even in the summer months. She is also very proud of her musical skills on the violin and seven years of Classical Indian dance. In Karishma's essay she credits The Academies at NMHS as the catalyst for her intense desire to stop human trafficking and has used that passion to create "Mission: Break the Chains" as her Girl Scouts Gold Award project. The New Milford Education Foundation is extremely delighted to present Karishma with this award.
Karishma Khan
2014 New Milford Education Foundation Scholarship Award
Katie Hackett, a graduating NMHS senior, was presented with the award during this year's New Milford awards dinner. Katie is a highly accomplished student athlete who remained on the honor roll during all 4 years of her high school tenure. In addition to stellar grades, she also contributed countless hours towards community services projects that had a positive impact on fellow students and community members in and around New Milford. Katie cites a close family member as her role model and uses that influence to fuel her ambition and desire to succeed. The New Milford Education Foundation is extremely delighted to present Katie with this award.
Katie Hackett
Divergent Day Contest Winner
Erein Ruiz, 8th grader at DEO MS, was selected as the winner of the NMEF's Divergent Day Contest. The contest offered students a chance to create unique stories or art based on the book, Divergent. Erein's drawing captured the essence of the story and incorporated all 5 factions' logo. His favorite part of the story is where the main characters begin to see each other in a different light. He notes, “...this part basically shows how these characters begin to truly interact with each other and how much passion was written in this part of the book.” Erein has been passionate about the Arts since he was a kid. His talents have been recognized several times, most recently as a Young Artist by the Office of the Bergen Executive for Women's Equality. He is highly active in school events and clubs as well as numerous ministries. The NMEF wishes Erein great success in all future endeavors. Congratulations!
New Milford Education Foundation's first scholarship award
Jenean Igmat, a New Milford High School senior, was presented with New Milford Education Foundation's first scholarship award during the New Milford awards dinner on June 11, 2013. Jenean was recognized primarily for her commitment to serving the community and her leadership role with rebuilding homes for those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Jenean has a well-rounded and impressive resume of in-school and extracurricular activities, which demonstrates that she has not only been an exemplary student but that she has made a significant and positive impact on her community as well. Jenean’s achievements and core values reflect the criteria that the New Milford Education has established, and we were extremely proud and honored to present her with this prestigious award.
Jenean Igmat